Sunday, September 14, 2008

Yelling Child In Grown-up Mind

Thoughts form images…
I have heard these sorts of saying million times…and so also you, for sure! Sounds pretty inspiring, right!!
I really wonder, how many people will say “Yup! We live on it” Ok, drop it. How many will admit that they are growing up with a child like heart…why do all say “grow up”…”this is not expected from you at this age”…oopssss!!!
These things are killing pills for the child inside. In the whole mankind it’s a child who dares to wear the innocent heart on his sleeve. While a child is always there to nurture the minute truth of life, the same grown up mind will never step back to kill that thing and even can dare to stammer it down as if it was never there. There itself, though being or not being aware of, he overlooks himself.
Why such steps are dramatically taken; just to show that you are enough comfortable with the growing world. But in all that change, the child inside gets humiliated and gradually dies away. Though it weeps hard to get rid but all are deaf enough to hear that.
Is it that easy to avoid that?? And what thinking propels to ignore that inside voice??
Hummm… is it the thinking that the innocence inside will let you down, making you feel uncomfortable and will hit you hard back. Oh! If all these thoughts dominate you, standing high over your heart then good luck for the way you are. Thrive on it.
But my dear! Things will come and go. Ultimately, it will affect you the way as it is destined to be. And in all this, the thing is that, we push ourselves and our limitations hard enough just to utter the words “See! I fit well into the gap.” But simultaneously involving the little inner voice won’t let you down in any case, for you will be satisfied with the way you are. At no stage of your life you will feel lonely or regret over any happenings as it can’t let you get diverted. You will be always accompanied by the young heart of a child who will seek happiness in every atom of the world, keeping the glowing smile on your face, making the bond and connection more strong and intact with yourself than ever before.
Ultimately the “I'M GROWN UP” funda should not define a fake profile of yours rather the matured inside child will justify the tricky word in a better way.
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archistar said...

hmmm.... i'm finding u as a grown-up.... ;)