Thursday, September 11, 2008

Nature's Angel

Sitting beside the window
Staring at the natures beauty
I see a humble shadow
That makes me feel lovely

As if an angel has stepped
On this wonderland, earth
The evil things are lying dead
With satisfaction in breath

The clouds lie apart
With the sun shining
Breeze blowing across
And the trees dancing

The greenery all around
Under the vast blue sky
And lovers hanging around
With waves hitting the shore

At times the red sun hides
Behind the white clouds
At times the sun scorches bright
At times the clouds pour out

The birds chirping aloud
With wings talking to wind
The colorful butterflies
On the beautiful flowers

Oh lovely angel!
See the baby staring at you
For she holds the cutest smile
Yet wondering of the magic

She has felt the nature…
The amazing & beautiful nature
For the pure creation has
Interacted with a pure heart

For she has extended her hand
To touch you, to feel you
And you promised to be there
That will keep the smile glowing

And the beautiful angel
Is still living & will be living
As life, in the smile of infants
As magic, in the dancing trees

As pleasure, in the cool breeze
As exultation, in the blooming flowers
As variety, in the evolving faunas
As excitement, in the ripples of pond

As sanctity, in the clear blue sky
As purity, in the prolific ocean
As blissful love and divinity,
In the exquisite & exuberant nature…

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