Monday, September 15, 2008


You can’t just describe these fools
For they render you from yourself
Filling up your life, making it colorful
With all wanted & unwanted colors

They shine in your sky all time
For let it be day or night
Shine bright in the day as sun
And twinkle like stars at night

And this forces to conclude
In your toughest & darkest time
You can find them twinkling
With a passion of get going

The precious values they bestow,
The kind of closeness we share
Feeling united among all diversities
Is the worthiest gift one can have!

Spending time with these angels
Who respect for what you are
Who doubles your happiness!
Tickling away momentary sadness

Who bears your madness!
Who accepts you with you!
Still smiling and saying
You are the best in the crew

The company makes life smooth
Together though seem like idiots
Hiding each others real worth
But each heart knows its value

Time will come when we’ll move on
Unwillingly we have to part away
But the heart will always search
For those ever soothing hands

We will adore our foolishness
Putting a cushion on stress
Laughing away the tough moments
Perfectly proving self craziness

Snatching each other’s every ounce
Putting a chill cat fight on race
Leaving behind a smile to cherish
The shinning dumb fills your space…

The golden “I” gets transformed
To the ever shining “WE”
Time to say thanks to this heart
That pointed you out in this wide world


archistar said...

u r a poet now....
very very well written again....

skazzler said...

hey..thanx fr da encoragin wrds..:)